Company Message - Providing treatment & management of eye conditions and disease

-Comprehensive Eye Exams: 

We see patients ages 4 yrs and    

-Diagnosis, treatment, and 
management of eye diseases and conditions  such as:

Blurred Vision
Eye infections
Ocular Foreign Body Removals
Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy (Diabetic Eye Exams)
Plaquenil Toxicity
Hypertensive Retinopathy
Dry Eye Syndrome
Ocular Allergies
"Lazy Eye"
and much more.....

-Contact lens exams: 

We fit and prescribe many types of contact lenses including:  Sphere, aspheric, daily, astigmatism (toric), color, monovision, bifocal contacts and even contacts with UV protection! 

With each contact lens exam, you will receive: *1 FREE sample bottle of contact lens cleaning solution, *1 storage case for your contacts if needed, and *1 FREE trial pair of contacts, as well as a possible *discount on your contacts between $10- $100 depending on the brand. 

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