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Our Office:

Relax in our reception area complete with free wi-fi, and movies playing for your entertainment!

We utilize the latest technology such as a computerized letter projector, a retinal camera to monitor eye disease, an automated lensometer, electronic medical records, and an ocular coherence tomography (OCT)! An OCT is a piece of technology that scans different cross sections of the back of the eye to detect defects in the optic nerve and macula. This helps the doctor diagnose retinal disease such as macular degeneration, diabetes in the eye, and glaucoma along with many other retinal pathologies. 

We have brand new equipment including a threshold visual field analyzer to detect early signs of vision loss such as glaucoma, optic nerve disease, and even potential tumors.

We are located in the same building as the new Sam's Club at the NW corner of Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel Rd in Dallas with a separate entrance on the side of the building facing Webb Chapel Rd.

No SAMS membership required for patients to be seen in our office.

Stay tuned for more improvements to our office! :)

Go home with an emailed picture of the back of your eye with our new retinal camera!! 

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